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Chevron and Texaco Business Card provides you with a variety of reports to suit your business needs.

Customer Statement

All customers will receive this statement, which provides details on the amount due and credit limit

  1. Spend Limit
  2. Transaction data
  3. Amount Due



Vehicle Management Report

In addition to the two reports shown above, customers who request prompting on their cards will also receive this report. It provides detailed tracking information by card and driver or vehicle.

  1. Card number, lets you track purchases by vehicle or driver
  2. Site identifier, ties to site legend to provide purchase location details
  3. Driver name
  4. Gallon amount of purchase
  5. Dollar amount of purchase
  6. Odometer reading
  7. Miles per gallon and cost per mile
  8. Subtotal, by card, for easy expense tracking
  9. Site legend