Fuel Expense Tracking: Your Time Is Valuable

A business card (a fuel card for business) is a specific type of charge card designed for businesses that use vehicles and drivers on a regular basis.

A business card creates efficiency by eliminating paper receipts, reducing administrative time, tracking cost per mile and cost per gallon data for your vehicles, and preventing unauthorized spending.

Whether you have one vehicle or 1,000, business cards are designed to save your business time and money, day in and day out.

The Hidden Costs of Managing Drivers and Vehicles

With an industry average of four to five fill-ups per vehicle every week, these hidden costs can add up fast. Save time, money and most importantly — eliminate paper receipts with a business card.

Lose the Paper: Track and Report in Less Time

A huge advantage of business cards is that they electronically capture detailed purchase information. So detailed — telling you who bought what and for which vehicle — that you can eliminate paper receipts for drivers. And, if you choose, the data can sync directly with most accounting software, streamlining a crucial piece of work.

You can also quickly create reports that show fuel and maintenance costs by vehicle or driver, and by custom time periods, such as daily, monthly or quarterly, allowing you to efficiently manage your fuel budget.

In addition, exception reports can be run at any time, detailing purchases that fall outside of normal activity. You determine these exceptions, making the reports custom to your business. You also receive an email alert as soon as each unusual transaction clears. These reports keep you on top of fuel costs and save you from digging through piles of data to find out-of-the-ordinary expenses.

Business cards allow you to shift time away from administrative tasks and concentrate on the numbers that truly matter for your business.

Simplify Fuel Tax Exemptions

If your business is eligible for fuel tax exemptions, business cards make it easy to file. They capture exactly the type of detailed information — such as gallons purchased and fuel grade — you need to file for exemptions. Simply generate the report to include with your tax forms.

Don’t Waste Time On Detours

Universal cards powered by WEX, such as the Chevron and Texaco Business Access Card, are accepted at more than 95% of all fuel retailers nationwide, plus 45,000 additional service stations.

With virtually unlimited access to fuel stations along their normal routes, drivers rarely — if ever — need a detour to find fuel.

Save Time and Money With a Business Card

Everyone could use some extra time for the important things — like running your business. When you sign up for a Chevron and Texaco Business Access Card, you get a total fuel expense management program that’s easy to track and control and gives your schedule a little breathing room.