New Business Fuel Card? What Employees Need to Know

Let’s face it. Tracking business expenses isn’t usually easy. The right fuel card can change all of that. Whether it’s more control, more security or more detailed reporting, a business fuel card offers business owners more visibility into their fuel spend than ever before.

But before implementing a fuel card program into your business or fleet, there’s one important factor to think about: Your drivers. They will be the ones using the cards, so they will be the ones tasked with implementing the new fueling program.

So, let’s look at some ways to make these changes more comfortable for your drivers. Without them, a successful business fueling program could never work.

Clear Communication

Communication is key when introducing a new business fuel card. Your drivers will be the front line of defense against fraud, and having them up to speed on any rules that you would like to set is the very important first step.

Your drivers need to understand that the plan is being put in place to help the business as well as them. Make sure they understand that they are not being overly controlled.

Again, communication is key. Here are some great talking points:

  1. Explain why your business is switching to a business fuel card. By making it clear that this shift is a deliberate business strategy, the change won’t feel as random. Let your drivers know they are helping build a better, more efficient business.
  2. Explain how drivers will use their new card (with the Chevron and Texaco Business Card, they come active and ready to use with a unique Driver ID number). This means explaining spending limits, as well as authorized uses for the card.
  3. Explain where drivers can fuel up. The ideal business fuel card solution will allow drivers to continue to fuel at their favorite station and provide the optional flexibility to fuel at other stations when needed. The Chevron and Texaco Business Access Card for instance, can be used at 95% of fueling stations across the United States in addition to more than 8,000 Chevron and Texaco stations

Once their new cards are received, your drivers will be happy to learn that they won’t be any harder to use than a traditional credit card. And, with a few simple steps, they’ll never need to collect receipts again!

So, let’s look at the steps they’ll need to take when using their new cards:

  1. At the pump, they’ll be prompted to enter their unique Driver ID/PIN number as well as their odometer reading. This is for their protection as well as yours. If there is erroneous spending, the data collected at the purchase site will be able to sort everything out.
  2. Fuel up!

Drivers use the card just like before, but now they are instilled with a sense of pride, knowing they are contributing to the overall well-being of the company that they work for.

It can be helpful to access some basic resources, like a wallet-size checklist to ensure drivers are ready for their first fuel stops with their new business card. Chevron and Texaco Business Cards come with resources including driver guides to help ensure the process is seamless. Regardless of what card you choose, having your drivers onboard with the new program is the most important step you can take.